Journal of Political Ecology
Journal of Political Ecology
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Volume 10-2 


Special Issue: Studying Urban Environments edited by Thomas K. Park

  1. The Six Cities Project: developing a methodology of surveying densely populated areas using social science assisted and diachronic remote sensing based classification of habitation by Thomas K. Park and Mamadou Baro. with images (36 mb) PDF , without images, PDF.

  2. The Conflict between attempts to green the arid cities and urban livelihoods: the Case of Dodoma, Tanzania by Aldo Lupala and John Lupala. PDF.

  3. Urban-rural linkages as an urban survival strategy among urban dwellers in Botswana: the case of Broadhurst residents by Gwen. N. Lesetedi. PDF

  4. Women's Socio-economic role in the urban Sahel: a preliminary study of Bamako and Niamey by Marie Sardier. PDF 

  5. Perspectives on African Urbanism: "New Methodologies"; Beyond a baseline survey: development of a sampling technique for an urbanization study in Africa by Bayo Ijagbemi. PDF