Journal of Political Ecology
Journal of Political Ecology
Volume 16 (2009)

Articles (abstracts are at the end of each PDF file)

Nos. 1-5: Special Feature: The 2008 Eric Wolf Prize of the Political Ecology Society (PESO)
Edited by Timothy Collins and Josiah Heyman.
The prize is awarded for the best article-length paper based on PhD dissertation research.

  1. "It just goes to kill Ticos": national market regulation and the political ecology of farmers' pesticide use in Costa Rica. By Ryan Galt. Pp 1-33. PDF This paper was awarded the Eric Wolf Prize, Political Ecology Society, 2008.
  2. Navigating constricted channels: local cooption, coercion, and concentration under co-management, Mweru-Luapula fishery, Zambia. By Christopher Annear. Pp 34-48. PDF
  3. Using a political ecology framework to examine extra-legal livelihood strategies: a Lesotho-based case study of cultivation of and trade in cannabis. By Julian Bloomer. Pp 49-69. PDF
  4. The agricultural impasse: creating "normal" post-war development in Northern Sierra Leone. By Catherine Bolten. Pp 70-86. PDF
  5. In the margins of contamination: lead poisoning and the production of neoliberal nature in Uruguay. By Daniel Renfrew. Pp 87-103. PDF

  1. Deforestation: constructing problems and solutions on Sierra Leone's Freetown Peninsula. By Paul Munro. Pp 104-122. PDF
  2. Crafting nature: the Galapagos and the making and unmaking of a "natural laboratory". By Diego Quiroga. Pp 123-140. PDF