Journal of Political Ecology
Journal of Political Ecology
Volume 19 (2012)

Articles (abstracts are at the end of each PDF file)

  1. Gold Country: the politics of landscape in exurban El Dorado County, California. By Craig Beebe and Stephen M. Wheeler. Pp 1-16.  PDF

  2. Perceived barriers to effective multilevel governance of human-natural systems: an analysis of Marine Protected Areas in Vietnam. By Thu Van Trung Ho, Alison Cottrell, Peter Valentine & Simon Woodley. Pp 17-35. PDF

  3. Rethinking the 'debate on environmental refugees': from 'maximilists and minimalists' to 'proponents and critics'. By James Morrissey. Pp 36-49. PDF

Nos. 4-7: Special Section on "Mexican water studies in the Mexico-US borderlands," edited by Casey Walsh.

  1. Introduction: Mexican water studies in the Mexico-US borderlands. By Casey Walsh. Pp 50-56. PDF

  2. Water rituals on the Bravo/Grande River: a transnational political and ecological inheritance. By Tomas Martinez Saldaña. Pp 57-69. PDF

  3. The transnational dimensions of Mexican irrigation, 1900-1950. By Luis Aboites Aguilar. Pp 70-80. PDF

  4. Border water culture in theory and practice: political behavior on the Mexico-U.S. border. By Carmen Maganda. Pp 81-93. PDF

Nos. 8-13 Special Section: Eric Wolf Prize papers 2011, edited by Joe Heyman.

  1. Shifting policies, access, and the tragedy of enclosures in Ecuadorian mangrove fisheries: towards a political ecology of the commons. By Christine M. Beitl. Pp 94-113. PDF This paper was jointly awarded the Eric Wolf Prize, Political Ecology Society, 2011.

  2. Transforming power in Amazonian extractivism: historical exploitation, contemporary "fair trade", and new possibilities for indigenous cooperatives and conservation. By Brian J. Burke. Pp 114-126. PDF This paper was jointly awarded the Eric Wolf Prize, Political Ecology Society, 2011.

  3. Privately public seeds: competing visions of property, personhood, and democracy in Costa Rica's entry into CAFTA and the Union for Plant Variety Protection (UPOV). By Guntra A. Aistara. Pp 127-144. PDF

  4. Sustainability and the politics of calculation: technologies of 'safe water,' subject-making, and domination in Alaska. By Laura Eichelberger. Pp 145-161. PDF

  5. How do "imagined farmers" negotiate actual risks? Biosafety trade-offs in Bt cotton production in Andhra Pradesh, India. By Julia Freeman. Pp 162-173. PDF

  6. The political ecology of climate adaptation assistance: Alaska Natives, displacement, and relocation. By Christine Shearer. Pp 174-183. PDF

  1. Collective action and ecological sensibility for sustainable mangrove governance in Indonesia: challenges and opportunities. By Astrid Meilasari-Sugiana. Pp 184-201. PDF
  2. Le développement de l'industrie du nickel et la transformation de la valeur environnementale en Nouvelle-Calédonie. By Matthias Kowasch. Pp 202-220. (The development of the nickel industry and the transformation of environmental values in New Caledonia) PDF
  3. Conflicting treasures: contrasting resource use governance in two artisanal gemstone mining sites in Madagascar. By Merrill Baker-Médard. Pp 221-237. PDF