Journal of Political Ecology
Journal of Political Ecology
Volume 20 (2013)

Articles (abstracts are at the end of each PDF file)

  1. Employment, environmental pollution and working class life in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. By Vanesa Castán Broto. Pp 1-13.   PDF

  2. Managing inequality: the political ecology of a small-scale fishery, Mweru-Luapula, Zambia. By Bram Verelst. Pp 14-36. PDF

  3. Restructuring space in the name of development: the socio-cultural impact of the Forest Land Allocation Program on the indigenous Co Tu people in Central Vietnam. By Mucahid Mustafa Bayrak, Tran Nam Tu, and Paul Burgers. Pp 37-52. PDF

  4. History, scale and the political ecology of ethical diamonds in Kugluktuk, Nunavut. By Kolson Schlosser. Pp 53-69. PDF

Nos. 5-10: Special Section on "Ecologies of Hope," edited by Ravi Rajan and Colin Duncan.

  1. Ecologies of Hope: environment, technology and habitation - case studies from the intervenient middle. By S. Ravi Rajan and Colin A.M. Duncan. Pp 70-79. PDF

  2. Water Works in India. by Roopali Phadke. Pp 80-97. PDF

  3. Quality revolutions, solidarity networks, and sustainability innovations: following Fair Trade coffee from Nicaragua to California. By Christopher M. Bacon. Pp 98-115. PDF

  4. Regenerating conflicted landscapes in post-war El Salvador: livelihoods, land policy, and land use change in the Cinquera Forest. By Ariane de Bremond. Pp 116-136. PDF

  5. Solar city, bike city, growth city: governance and energy in Davis, California. By Benjamin Weil. Pp 137-158. PDF

  6. Sowing seeds of hope in California's fields of resistance to Pharm rice and Frankenfish. By Dustin Mulvaney and Anna Zivian. Pp 159-179. PDF

  1. Negative externalities of food production: discourses on the contested Norwegian aquaculture industry. By Erling A. N. Christiansen. Pp 180-198. PDF
Nos. 12-14: Special Section: Eric Wolf Prize papers 2012, edited by Casey Walsh.

  1. Political and event ecology: critiques and opportunities for collaboration. By Rodrigo Penna-Firme. Pp 199-216. PDF
    This paper was awarded the Eric Wolf Prize, Political Ecology Society, 2012.

  2. Envisioning the political ecology of mitigation in a microelectronic disaster setting. By Peter C. Little. Pp 217-237. PDF

  3. Elephants, safety nets and agrarian culture: understanding human-wildlife conflict and rural livelihoods around Chobe National Park, Botswana. By A. Clare Gupta. Pp 238-254. PDF

  1. Political ecology and conservation policies: some theoretical genealogies. By Ismael Vaccaro, Oriol Beltran and Pierre Alexandre Paquet. Pp 255-272. PDF

  2. The political ecology of local environmental narratives: power, knowledge, and mountain caribou conservation. By R. Patrick Bixler. Pp 273-285. PDF

Nos. 17-21: Special Section on "After anthropocentrism? Environmental conflicts, social movements and power," edited by Alexander Koensler and Cristina Papa.

  1. Introduction: beyond anthropocentrism, changing practices and the politics of 'nature.' By Alexander Koensler and Cristina Papa. Pp 286-294. PDF

  2. Environment, new legalities and the moral economy of food in the Slow Food movement. By Valeria Siniscalchi. Pp 295-305. PDF

  3. Local farmers vs. environmental universalism: conflicts over nature conservation in the Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini, Italy. By Sandro Piermattei. Pp 306-317. PDF

  4. From mourning to environmentalism: a Sicilian controversy over childrens' deaths, political apathy and leukemia. By Gaetano Mangiameli. Pp 318-328. PDF

  5. Nature and the city: the salt-works park in the urban area of Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy). By Franco Lai. Pp 329-341. PDF

  1. Documenting livelihood trajectories in the context of development interventions in northern Burkina Faso. By Colin T. West. Pp 342-360. PDF

  2. Re-inserting and re-politicizing nature: the resource curse and human-environment relations. By Matthew Pritchard. Pp 361-375. PDF

  3. From policing to 'social fencing': shifting moral economies of biodiversity conservation in a South Indian Tiger Reserve. By Tapoja Chaudhuri. Pp 376-394. PDF

  4. Vanished in gaps, vanquished in rifts: the social ecology of urban spatial change in a working class residential area, Peykan-Shahr, Tehran, Iran. By Ilia Farahani. Pp 395-412. PDF

  5. Campesino justification for self-initiated conservation actions: a challenge to mainstream conservation. By Noga Shanee. Pp 413-428. PDF

  6. The Mazama returns: the politics and possibilities of tribal land reacquisition. By Erin Kelly, John Bliss and Hannah Gosnell. Pp 429-443. PDF

  7. "Gentlemen-type rules" and "back room deals" in public participation: natural resource management and a fractured state in North Carolina. By Rebecca McCoy and Nora Haenn. Pp 444-459. PDF

  8. Theoretical frameworks in political ecology and participatory nature/forest conservation: the necessity for a heterodox approach and the critical moment. By Mohammad Tanzimuddin Khan. Pp 460-472. PDF

Book Reviews

O'Lear, Shannon. 2010. Environmental politics: scale and power. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. Reviewed by Brock Ternes.

Folwer, Cynthia. 2013. Ignition stories: indigenous fire ecology in the Indo-Australian monsoon zone. Durham, USA: Carolina Academic Press. Reviewed by Christian Kull.

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The editors would like to thank University of Arizona Library staff, numerous academic reviewers, and Imogen Williams, Carlos Uxo, Carrie Deutsch and Christopher Wade for editing work and translation of abstracts in recent issues.