Journal of Political Ecology
Journal of Political Ecology
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The Postwar Japanese System: Cultural Economy and Economic Transformation by William K. Tabb, Oxford: Oxford University, 1995. vi, 414 pp. Reviewed by Patricia Mary San Antonio, University of Maryland-Baltimore County.

Roads in the Sky: The Hopi Indians in a Century of Change , by Richard O. Clemmer. Boulder: Westview Press, 1995. xiv, 377 pp. Reviewed by Marc Sills , Political Science Department, Metropolitan State University, Denver, Colorado.

Environment and Society in Roman North Africa: Studies in History and Archaeology , by Brent D. Shaw. Collected Studies Series; Aldershot: Variorum, 1995. xii, 271 pp. Reviewed by Lea Stirling , Department of Classics, University of Manitoba

The Trail of the Hare: Environment and Stress in a Sub-Arctic Community . Second edition. By Joel S. Savishinsky. Langhorne, PA: Gordon and Breach, 1994, 294 pp. map, illustrations, tables, bibliography, index. Reviewed by Thomas F. Thornton , University of Alaska Southeast, Juneau AK.

Global Accord: Environmental Challenges and International Responses , Nazli Choucri, editor. 1995. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. xxiv, 562 pp. Reviewed by Aaron T. Wolf, Department of Geography, University of Alabama .