Journal of Political Ecology
Journal of Political Ecology
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Critical Masses: Opposition to Nuclear Power in California, 1958-1978 , by Thomas Raymond Wellock. The University of Wisconsin Press, 1998. xi, 333 pp. Reviewed by Paula Garb, Department of Environmental Analysis and Design, University of California, Irvine.

The Political Ecology of Bananas: Contract Farming, Peasants, and Agrarian Change in the Eastern Caribbean , by Lawrence S. Grossman. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press (1998) xviii, 268 pp. Reviewed by Mark Moberg, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of South Alabama

Tracing the Veins: Of Copper, Culture and Community from Butte to Chuquicamata , by Janet L. Finn. Berkeley: University of California Press (1998), 327 pp. Reviewed by Judy Root Aulette, Department of Sociology, University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

The Ecology of Practice: Studies of Food Crop Production in Sub-Saharan West Africa , A. Endre Nyerges, editor, Food and Nutrition in History and Anthropology series, Volume 12, Gordon and Breach Publishers; 1997. 259 p. : ill., maps. Reviewed by Wendy Wilson Fall, Independent Scholar and Community Development Advocate.

The Anthropology of Infectious Disease: International Health Perspectives , edited by Marcia C. Inhorn and Peter J. Brown. Amsterdam: Gordon and Breach Publishers, 1997. xv, 495 pp. Reviewed by Barbara Herr Harthorn, Center for Global Studies/Institute for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research, University of California at Santa Barbara.

U.S. Land and Natural Resources Policy: A Public Issues Handbook . Gary C. Bryner. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1998. xvii, 292 pp. Reviewed by Robert H. Winthrop, Cultural Solutions, Ashland, Oregon.

Deep Environmental Politics: The Role of Radical Environmentalism in Crafting Environmental Policy , by Phillip F. Cramer, Westport, CT: Praeger Books (1998). xvi, 238 pp. Reviewed by Gregory V. Button, School of Public Health, University of Michigan