Journal of Political Ecology
Journal of Political Ecology
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Living Under Contract . Edited by Peter D. Little and Michael J. Watts. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press (1994). xviii, 298 pp. Reviewed by John Magistro, National Center for Atmospheric Research.

Fishcamp: Life on an Alaskan Shore . By Nancy Lord. Washington, DC: Island Press, 1997, xviii, 261 pp. Reviewed by Craig Mishler, Alaska Department of Fish and Game (retired).

The Making of Belize: Globalization in the Margins . By Anne Sutherland. Westport, CT: Bergin and Garvey, 1998, 224 pp. Reviewed by Laurie Kroshus Medina, Department of Anthropology, Michigan State University.

Financing Change: The Financial Community, Eco-efficiency, and Sustainable Development . By S. Schmidheiny and F. Zorraqu??n, with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (1996) Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press. xxiv, 211 pp. Reviewed by Jerry A. Moles, Global Renaissance, LLC, Oakland, California.

Inuit, Whaling, and Sustainability , by Milton M.R. Freeman, Lyudmila Bogolovskaya, Richard A. Caulfied, Ingmar Egede, Igor I. Krupnik, and Marc G. Stevenson. Walnut Creek, CA: AltaMira Press (1998) 208 pp.
Reviewed by Grete K. Hovelsrud-Broda, Marine Policy Center, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

At the Crossroads: Mexico and U.S. Immigration Policy, edited by Frank D. Bean, Rodolfo O. de la Garza, Bryan R. Roberts, Sidney Wientraub Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield (1997) viii, 322 pp. Reviewed by James Loucky, Department of Anthropology, Western Washington University.

Global Meltdown: Immigration, Multiculturalism, and National Breakdown in the New World Disorder . Joseph Wayne Smith, Graham Lyons, and Evonne Moore. Westport, CT: Praeger. 1998. viii, 185 pp. Reviewed by Gregory Veeck, Department of Geography, Western Michigan University.