Journal of Political Ecology
Journal of Political Ecology
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Volume 7-2 (2000) 
  1.  Changes in Forestry Policy, Production, and the Environment in Northern Mexico: 1960-2000 by Thomas Weaver   PDF  
  2.  El Proyecto del Fondo Mundial para la Proteccion del Medio Ambiente (Gef) en Cuatro Areas Naturales Protegidas de Mexico y su Impacto Social by Salomòn Nahmad  PDF  
  3.  Lluvia Enojada-Tyoo Kuasì: The Political Ecology of Forest Extraction in the Sierra Chatina, Oaxaca, Mexico by Robert M. Emanuel and James B. Greenberg  PDF  
  4.  "Pink Gold Rush": Shrimp Aquaculture, Sustainable Development, and the Environment in Northwestern Mexico by Maria L. Cruz-Torres   PDF  
Book Reviews PDF
From Subsistence to Exchange and Other Essays by Peter T. Bauer, with an introduction by Amartya Sen. Princeton: Princeton University Press (2000), xi, 153 pp. Reviewed by Raymond F. Mikesell , Emeritus Professor of Economics, University of Oregon, Eugene OR.