Journal of Political Ecology
Journal of Political Ecology
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Volume 8-8 (2001) 

Global Ethnography: Forces, Connections, and Imaginations in a Postmodern World . By Michael Burawoy, Joseph Blum, Sheba George, Zauzaa Gill, Teresa Gowan, Lynne Haney, Maren Klawiter, Steven Lopez, Sean O???Riain, Mille Thayer, eds. Berkeley: University of California Press (2000), 329 pp. Reviewed by Mary E. Hancock , Department of Anthropology, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Environmental Decisions: An Alternative to Risk Assessment , by Mary O???Brien, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press (published with Environmental Research Foundation), 2000, 283 pp. Reviewed by Branden B. Johnson , Research Scientist, Division of Science, Research and Technology, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

Cultural Encounters with the Environment: Enduring and Evolving Geographic Themes , by Murphy, Alexander B. and Douglas L. Johnson, eds. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (2001), 337 pp. Reviewed by Michelle Rhodes , Department of Geography, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC.

Beneath the Surface: Critical Essays in the Philosophy of Deep Ecology . Edited by Eric Katz, Andrew Light, and David Rothenberg. Cambridge, MA & London, UK: The MIT Press (2000), viii, 328 pp. Reviewed by J. Stan Rowe , emeritus Professor (Ecology), University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon.

Domestic Sources of International Environmental Policy: Industry,
Environmentalists, and U.S. Power
, by Elizabeth DeSombre, Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press (2000), xvi and 300 pp. Reviewed by Dimitris Stevis , Department of Political Science, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO.

Brave New Seeds: The Threat of GM Crops to Farmers , by Robert Ali Brac de la Perriere, and Franck Seuret. London: Zed Books (2000), 160 pp. Reviewed by Glenn Davis Stone , Department of Anthropology, Washington University, St. Louis, MO.

The Everglades: An Environmental History , by David McCally, Gainesville, FL: University Press of Florida (1999), xxii, 215 pp. Reviewed by Jaap Vos, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Florida Atlantic University.