Journal of Political Ecology
Journal of Political Ecology

Political Ecology Society (PESO)

The Political Ecology Society (PESO) has as its object the promotion of interdisciplinary scientific investigation of the political and economic principles controlling the relations of human beings to one another and to the environment. As part of its efforts to meet these goals, PESO supports the publication of the Journal of Political Ecology, a peer reviewed electronic journal that publishes articles and reviews in English, French, and Spanish. PESO organizes sessions at the US Society for Applied Anthropology annual meetings. PESO was founded in the USA and is run by a committee, and information is best obtained from Prof. Josiah Heyman, University of Texas, El Paso, USA.

PESO awards the Eric Wolf Prize for the best article-length paper based in substantive field research that make an innovative contribution to Political Ecology. To be eligible for the competition, scholars must be ABD ('all but dissertation') or have received their Ph.D. within the three years prior to the deadline. A cash prize of $500 accompanies the award, which is presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology (the committee is open to discussing arrangements for award at an alternative meeting as suited to the winning candidate). The paper, and sometimes others submitted, will be published in the Journal of Political Ecology after refereeing. Papers should be emailed to Dr. Josiah Heyman (jmheyman "at" The deadline for submission is usually the end of August of each year and is publicised on listservs and the SfAA website. You can join PESO here via the SfAA website, with $25 annual dues helping to fund the Prize.

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Updated July 2016